Image of Pre-Construction PlanningEffective pre-construction services and planning are the cornerstones of a successful construction project. The H&H Builders Approach to pre-construction is to serve both the Owner and Architect as a reliable source of current, complete, and accurate information. This enables the project team to make informed and well-grounded decisions relating to the balance of schedule, cost, and quality while considering not only the initial investment, but also the Life Cycle Cost implications.

Working in collaboration with the project team, we provide insight on innovative and creative construction methods and materials to ensure our clients receive a completed project that maximizes return on investment.

The scope of pre-construction services should be tailored to your needs and goals depending on considerations including project specifics, construction delivery method, and design phase.

The Pre-Construction Team at H&H Builders offers services including:

• Detailed Plan & Specification Review
• Budget Estimates & Value-Engineering Recommendations
• Pre-Construction Scheduling, Logistics, & Sequencing
• Bid Package & Work Scope Development
• Sub-Contractor Prequalification